Psychic Faith Services Overview

Psychic Faith will connect with you on any situation that you may be going through. Whether it is love, marriage, career, romance, destiny, family issues, bad addictions, bad luck, evil eye, negative influences, and so much more.

We specialize in removing all types of negative energy, black magic, evil influences, jealousy, and bad karma. 

You can trust Faith with the most difficult problems in your life. Please see all of our services below and call 647-351-5544 or contact us to book your next reading.

Palm Readings defines the characteristics within your palm. It helps to look into your health, happiness and love life.

Crystal Ball Readings uses a crystal ball as a divining tool. Seeking visions or information regarding your future, present situation, issues and more.

Tarot Card Readings uses a deck of cards used for prediction, to tell your fortune. This is a full life reading that shows me about happiness, health, love life, work, business and financial.

Chakra Cleansing/Chakra Balancing using special crystals and different types of materials to help to balance the body back to its natural order and improves the flow of energy.

Spiritual Cleansing using special anointed materials to help to cleanse your mind, body and soul of all negativity to restore natural order to your body.

Psychic Phone Readings allow Psychic Faith to have clients worldwide. Psychic phone readings tell Past, Present, and Future, Relationship/ Love Readings and Dream analysis. No matter what is going on within your life now, a psychic reading allows you the opportunity to ask questions and gain answers to current life problems. 


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