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October Horoscopes

Posted on 2 October 2018

Monthly Aquarius Horoscope
Oct 2018 - Horoscope:

You know what it takes to materialize your ideas and bring them to life, but you still aren't confident enough to push through and make your steps towards the goal. Instead of relying on other people's opinions about your abilities and strengths, rely on your own inner hunch. This will allow you to work from a point of respect that improves your odds and relationships with others as well.

The Higher Mind is to be employed for a good cause. Be as rebellious as you feel the need to be, while still empathic and open for other people's ways. Gentle bonds will help you out of any ordeal and you will find yourself belonging to a much larger tribe than the one you thought you belong to in the past.


Monthly Pisces Horoscope
Oct 2018 - Horoscope:

About 90% of people in China claim no interest in religion whatsoever. A large portion of time will go to questioning your own beliefs again, but the moment is right to act on them and see where they will lead. Don't wait any longer, accepting your own mistakes and living up to the ideal you wish to commit to in this lifetime. Fear shouldn't taint your image or hold you back in weeks to follow.

Although satisfaction seems distant or buried too deep to approach it with an open heart, for as long as you see the direction you are meant to move in, you will be fine. Engage in psychotherapy and methods of inner healing, cleansing your emotions from ties that hold you back. Once you do, the Universe will support you every step of the way.


Monthly Aries Horoscope

Oct 2018 - Horoscope:

After learning its lessons, Mars is moving towards the point of Neptune's exaltation, and you know exactly what you need to do to move for the goals that have been calling on you. This is a moment of high aspirations, new ideas, and strange turns, when love could be cast aside for the sake of productivity and your partnerships could suddenly end.

Take a moment to breathe in and feel what you deeply care about, fighting only for things that resonate with your purest emotional intent. To be satisfied, you must acknowledge your own emotional pull and be free to move with the flow, instead of getting stuck in rational choices that lead you towards other people's goals. Bravely pursue the most fragile of inner sensations.


Monthly Taurus Horoscope
Oct 2018 - Horoscope:

Venus is about to slow down and turn backwards, making you question all your decisions deeply. Your emotional world is rich with information, but you could have trouble expressing it around your partner and people who are close to your heart. You need enough time for contemplation and changes you wish to implement in your routine, so take a breath and relax, going for all the right things in life.

Just when you thought things will suddenly turn out for the best, you will have one more go at the same issues you were already done with. Deep understanding of your current situation is necessary to truly get out of it. You have the energy to communicate and cleanse your world of all waste and unacceptable things that are in fact to be accepted.


Monthly Gemini Horoscope
Oct 2018 - Horoscope:

There is a black market for Choco Pies from South Korea in North Korea. This month may begin with important relationships that will pull you through some strange issues and give support from the darkest places, but it ends in a positive tone where the work is done, and you are clean of shady issues from the past. Although you might not have your own black market, you will feel like you need to do things in secrecy, hiding from the public eye and people who don't approve of your ways.

You are to learn how valuable you really are and set free from self-esteem issues that don't allow your true personality to express. Speak your mind openly, with a sense of your surroundings, choosing your words so they aren't hurtful or out of sync with the general atmosphere.


Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Oct 2018 - Horoscope:

The start of October doesn't seem promising, for many issues that haven't been resolved in time are due and you are about to be faced with any lack of self-respect from the past. You must set clear boundaries and stand firm in attitudes that make you who you are, thinking of moral imperatives meant to move you towards a better place in your emotional world.

Authority figures don't really understand your position. Get creative and think of new ways to communicate. There is a way to get out of any misunderstandings, and you shouldn't let your energy go to waste by spinning in circles and trying to repeat the same behavior over and over again. By the end of the month things will fall into place and you will be ready for the productive and much needed change.


Monthly Leo Horoscope
Oct 2018 - Horoscope:

Although you have a task to be a bit more modest than you are used to, you will have a chance to heal broken bonds and finally find the tact needed to move on from some irritating issues. Changes are approaching, and you feel hesitant about certain choices, but this doesn't mean you should just stay in place and do nothing at all.

The air will clear up by the middle of the month and you will be ready. Although your emotional world is about to be burdened by the general flow of things, by the end of October you will be satisfied with the energy you've invested in long-term solutions and relationships that make a difference in your life. Those who stood by you in the time of need will be rewarded by life itself. Show your gratitude too

Monthly Virgo Horoscope
Oct 2018 - Horoscope:

U. S. Animal rescue organizations are giving cats that no one wants to adopt to companies as "workers" for pest control. Although the beginning of this month reminds you of an inner castaway that never seems to fit in, you will find ways to incorporate it in the system and obtain your true position in the society. Work on your inner issues and think of solutions that are profound and useful.

Your practical mind is about to be put to good use. Don't waste it on condemning and judging other people's ways, for everyone has a part to play in your surroundings. Be thankful. Lessons learnt are to prove extremely useful by the end of October and you will see that there is nothing truly standing in your way but your own inner resistance.


Monthly Libra Horoscope
Oct 2018 - Horoscope:

No one knows what is going on in your deepest emotional world and you feel the need to hide your feelings until you are sure about their messages. Decipher the signals from the past, everything you have been collecting in your mind for a while and make enough room for rest and contemplation in these following weeks to make a turn for the better.

Your debts are due, and you are feeling restless for all those things you couldn't have done better. The important thing is not to rely on others for help and stand firm on your own two feet. Once you do, others will help in natural ways and truly become the system of support you need. Seek assistance but don't expect others to take your own share of responsibility.

Monthly Scorpio Horoscope
Oct 2018 - Horoscope:

The stress will easily take over if you haven't yet chosen the right direction to move in. Anxiety and all sorts of psychosomatic issues are possible over the course of the next few weeks, and it is important to stay in tune with your natural pace and cleanse your inner world before acting on the outside. Everyone seems to push you where you don't really want to go. Listen to yourself first, no matter the relationship context that pushes you into new decisions.

It is time to be just a tad more selfish, but in ways that don't hurt other people. Your destructive choices should be more mellow and in tune with your own heart, with enough compassion held in your soul for those who wish you well but don't really know what's good for you in the long run.

Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope
Oct 2018 - Horoscope:

In the Northern hemisphere, sundials cast shadow clockwise and this is the reason clocks run in this direction. When you think about the source of some dilemmas and the information standing as a founding stone of issues that show in your everyday world, you will find sense in them and understand the direction you are meant to take in the following months.

October is a month for contemplation, sensing what is real and what isn't. You are to set free from spasms of the past and take responsibility only for your fair share of deeds done instead of letting it intertwine with what is obviously up to other people. New relationships will gain a stronger foundation and you will be happy to have the right circle of friends to belong to.

Monthly Capricorn Horoscope
Oct 2018 - Horoscope:

Thoughts will form emotions, leading you in a direction you wouldn't be able to avoid even if you tried hard. Circumstances seem to be a consequence of your own beliefs, and it is time to find a place where you feel at ease, so you can follow the flow instead of fighting against the tides. Other people are there to help and give support. Ask for assistance and advice if that's what you need.

Put your trust in those who need it, believing in their abilities even if they differ from qualities you possess yourself. As you open your heart for their talents, yours will have a chance to come to the surface, healthy and ready to be employed. Creative work will set you free and make you feel good about your options and goals you wish to reach for.

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