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November Horoscopes

Posted on 6 November 2018

November Horoscopes 



Nov 2018 - Horoscope:

There are still some battles to attend to and Mars won't leave your sign until you are done with certain issues that require strength and endurability. You are the one to hold the higher ground, but without common sense and practicality, you won't implement your ideas in your surroundings the way you'd like to. Stay stable and think about realistic moves and goals this time around.

By the end of November, disappointment could kick in if you put too much faith in friends that aren't truthful about important matters in their lives. Although their intentions might be good, you need positive and open relationships at the moment and each lie discovered will only taint the image and distance you from those involved. Understand their reasons and believe in your senses before believing anyone else's words.



Nov 2018 - Horoscope:

Faced with too many shady or incoherent issues, you will have to find a path of honest expression and openhearted dialogue that will allow you to truly connect. You will need some time spent alone, but you are to keep your inner world balanced with the outer one and with all those people you deeply care for. If disappointment kicks in, remind yourself that you need to be honest with yourself first to resolve any problem at hand.

No matter what happens, know your worth. As empathic and connected as you are, you could be vulnerable if you don't get the same treatment from those surrounding you. Still, you can't expect others to be similar if you don't feel adequate and strong in your own skin and your positive attitudes that create the future you wish to live in.



Nov 2018 - Horoscope:

There is a research station in the South Pole where people are left isolated for 8 months every year. Even though you could use some isolation in November, you will still find it more satisfying if you seek and find the right support system to push you through some challenges found in your path. The beginning of the month brings new things to learn and you need someone by your side to say the right thing at the right moment.

As the month progresses, you will find it easier to breathe and feel expansion in all areas of life starting to come to light. The move of Jupiter into Sagittarius couldn't have come at a better time and you will once again feel ready to move, travel, and see your ideals clearly.



Nov 2018 - Horoscope:

This month is dedicated to intimate and close relationships and everything needs to be rounded up before you start something new. Many Taurus representatives might decide to divorce or get married, carried by strong energies of desire to connect to another human being on a profound and deep level. Make sure your emotional needs are being met whatever you choose to do.

By the end of November, you might feel as if nothing happened at all even though you've been through a lot. Keep in mind that the time for manifestation of your visions is ahead of the road, and make sure you set up a solid foundation for all your future relationships, partnerships and bonds with other people. You need all situations cleared and your intentions made visible.



Nov 2018 - Horoscope:

This is a time of higher thought when you still have a lot to learn to expand your horizons and feel good about things you've done so far. Don't resist the flow, even when it starts tossing you backwards as Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th of November. You have enough time to get everything done in time, so don't panic and keep your feet on the ground.

You need to think about practical matters, but close relationships and dialogues won't let you rest if you don't resolve misunderstandings standing in your throat. Don't shove anything aside now that you need clarity and your communication as clear and as open as possible. Mechanical and electrical gadgets may malfunction, and a lot of things will have to get fixed in the second half of this month. Be patient.



Nov 2018 - Horoscope:

World Naked Gardening Day is officially on May 2nd, established to promote body-acceptance. Although some moral limitations might hold you back, you will feel the need to take part in activities shared by the society and your social circle. Stay close to your heart's needs though, for even though everyone thinks that some moves are right on a higher scale of things, this doesn't mean they are right for you too.

As Jupiter moves on to your sixth house, you will need a new philosophy for your daily routine. It is time to learn new things and expand your horizons, at work, in your everyday life, paying attention to details that all fit into the image of much larger whole. Have some fun along the way and don't spend too much time at home, surrounded by four walls.



Nov 2018 - Horoscope:

The beginning of November still carries some deep lessons that aren't easy. You need a bit more time to process things and see them falling into place, before you turn to solid belief that everything will be alright in the end. Organize everything for creative efforts to express yourself clearly in the following weeks. By the end of this month, you could find a new, adventurous path to follow that suits your authentic personality best.

Thinking about past lovers and relationships that ended a long time ago, you feel the need to return and finish with all things left unfinished. Still, don't force yourself into anything that doesn't feel right, waiting for the right time to act and make things change to your benefit.



Nov 2018 - Horoscope:

What you begin as November starts won't be finished according to plan and you need a lot of patience to get things done within schedule. Leave enough room for mistakes, especially in the second half of this month when paperwork could get lost, your computer could stop working, and too many small mishaps will create a mess of any larger issue at hand.

Work hard but leave enough room for rest. If you wish to keep your focus and stay as dedicated to the goal as you'd like to be, you need your body in good shape and your mind clear. Fix what is broken, this is what you do well at any given time, and don't worry too much about deadlines that keep you stressed and out of tune with your own inner peace. Everyone else might also be late anyway.



Nov 2018 - Horoscope:

Experiments with plants show that they grow away from rock and roll music, as if they are trying to escape the sound. You really don't needy any excess of aggression in the world surrounding you and need gentle sounds and people in your life in November. This is a month of close and intimate relationships, when you are to communicate freely about issues that have been held secret for a long time.

Get going but don't get carried away by any new things that start at this time. Stay rational and down to earth as much as possible, for many information don't seem realistic and well lined up to be true. Analyze and move slowly so you can check everything twice instead of jumping into things you aren't ready for.



Nov 2018 - Horoscope:

It is time to throw a going away party for Jupiter in your first house and think about all those things that this past year brought your way. You have learned a lot and need to find ways to implement your knowledge and put it into practical efforts that will prove beneficial in time. Think about new ways to make money and expect a turn in your financial field soon enough.

A lot will be happening in other people's lives, as if it revolves around you but never quite comes to your doorstep to be delivered. Wait for a little while until things settle in and become obvious and easy to comprehend and choose your words with care as November comes to its end. You need a stable and calm approach to hold on to your personal value and all the right relationships in your life.



Nov 2018 - Horoscope:

This past year has been a challenge for all Sagittarius representatives, for it was required to dig in deep and take out the trash, from your home, your life and your subconscious world. Therapy and healing methods will prove useful in weeks to come, as Jupiter finally transits to your Sun sign and reminds you of all your width, optimism and inner childish joy once again.

You can recognize painful issues in others and feel the need to help, support their inner system of value to grow, and teach about your own experiences. This is a good moment to think about your positive beliefs and hold on to emotions that bring them to life, for you have done some great work and feel the need to float off in a new direction where light is found.



Nov 2018 - Horoscope:

The first decorative gardens appeared around 1500 B. C. in Egypt. Thinking about your own history, you will see that certain patterns go way back and follow you around for as long as you can remember. This is a good moment to think about therapy or alternative healing techniques to help you regain your pure energy and emotional wisdom you seek.

As you question your morals you will discover talents you forgot you had and employ them for the greater good in months to come. Let go to the flow and don't resist emotions that come to surface at this time. Your subconscious world needs to cleanse in order for you to move in an authentic direction that feels right.

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