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February 2019 Horoscopes

Posted on 1 February 2019

Feb 2019 - Horoscope:
With the Sun and Mercury in your first house in the first couple of weeks of February, you are to rely on your mind and express yourself freely, while making sure that ego doesn't stand in your way. Try not to compare yourself to others and their work, and be as liberal and as self-sufficient in your endeavors as a true Aquarius. This will allow your relationship to move in a creative direction that helps you materialize your ideas and your vision in life.

Take a step back before you run through any situation. Even though you know where to turn and how you feel about your position, this doesn't mean you must stay on the move, especially when things are too good to miss on or leave behind. Be flexible and give yourself patience and time.



Feb 2019 - Horoscope:
Uniforms for the army were custom-sewn before the Civil War and the war led to mass production in three sizes large, medium and small. Things are changing on a collective level and you can feel the changes in your bones, but aren't sure how to define them or where to look for evidence. Deep in your thoughts and emotions, you are to protect yourself from all those people to drain your energy away with too much talk and too little activity.

Take the high road when needed and stay in touch with your inner child. Hold it, tell it you will make things alright for both of you, and allow yourself to slow down enough to listen closely to its desires, cravings and talents. It is, after all, a piece of your personality whose faith is the strongest.



Feb 2019 - Horoscope:
This is an important month for Aries representatives, for all those energies you've dealt with in January are about to find their focus point and you will feel the need to ground your visions and get material satisfaction from all your efforts. What you've invested in others might bite back in ways though, for those who never wanted assistance might push back to take their own set of responsibilities.

Be careful and hold on to tact, especially in the second half of February. You will need a lot of common sense, physical activity, and to hold your focus on the goal you chose for yourself. This is a time when truest inner desires need to be heard, so let your emotions guide the way and build the foundation for satisfaction in the physical world.



Feb 2019 - Horoscope:
The beginning of February is marked by high ideals that need to find their use in the practical world as this month goes by. Venus will move from Sagittarius to Capricorn, ready and willing to take action, set the record straight, return the favor and work on her goals in life. Although the tension might put a lot of pressure on your emotional world, you will feel creative and productive in your efforts, especially at work.

Old love stories could come to surface once again, and you are ready to commit to lasting relationships. Rely on people who didn't let you down in the past and be careful around those who did. History had its lessons for you, and the time to test your knowledge is upon you.



Feb 2019 - Horoscope:
Periscopes of US Navy's submarines once cost $38,000 until they were replaced by $20 Xbox controllers. There are better ways to deal with a situation you got used to resolve in a certain way. Expand your horizons and your faith, reminding yourself of the richness of the world and the incredible possibilities it has in stock for you.

The beginning of February will bring the necessary speed and commitment to personal freedom. Speak your mind openly, trying to dial down the tension that has been building up so far. Once the foundation is set in freedom, the rest of the month will put your ideals to test and bring out all those talents that need to be spoken of and shared with the world.



Feb 2019 - Horoscope:
To comprehend and use everything you've discovered and learned so far, you will need some organization and commitment to one sole goal that needs your time and attention. This is a good moment to focus on your career and moves that will allow steady progress in time, on the structure that can support you however high you decide to go.

Love might be born in lives of single Cancer representatives, and those of you in long-term relationships could decide to get married or make plans for a stable future. Enjoy bonds with enough depth and focus on shared goals, for even though your true support is found within, this is a month when it will come through circumstances with other people.



Feb 2019 - Horoscope:
February won't start like any other month and too many unexpected turns could come to surface in your relationships with other people. Social contacts are extremely important right now, so pay attention to all information coming your way and people who don't fit into the crowd and the system that is meant to support them.

This is a very good month for new decisions, humanitarian work, and to open your heart for opportunities that are new and out of the ordinary. Think about modern solutions and ideas that make you excited instead of holding on to solid ground and your comfort zone. By the end of the month, you will find yourself in pure idealism that needs your mind clear and your focus sharp. Have enough sleep and use your talents to create instead of shoving them aside.



Feb 2019 - Horoscope:
It is legal in the U. S. to be buried at sea. When you think about ending a certain projects, you can't seem to find meaning in some of the things it will bring in return. Let the Universe sort things out instead of trying to control the way of the future that doesn't really depend on you. It is time to let go to the flow, reminding yourself that you are on the path that you have always been meant to take.

Contact people who stand out, those who are different from your regular crowd, and ask for their input and information they wish to share. This will expand your horizons and might give you some new contacts that shine a light on your inner world and everything you've been struggling with. Keep your contacts clear of too much small talk, gossip, and be as honest as possible.



Feb 2019 - Horoscope:
The beginning of February brings new knowledge your way and information you seek will be found. Courses will be finished and different forms of education might take the top of your priority list. However, things won't be as easy as the start of the month might promise, and family issues and the situation in your home could become tense or burden you with too much responsibility.

Use time that you spend at home to rest, clear your mind and relax your body. Meditate and improve your routine to suite your physical needs, so your material existence can support everything that your mind is trying to invest in and develop. Ideas will be grounded and things created, but only if you are following the call of your heart despite possible fear or shame.


Feb 2019 - Horoscope:
February brings a sense of urgency your way, and too much work needs to get done to find enough time to rest. Don't miss opportunities to relax in cozy situations, and try not to force yourself over your limits just so you can keep all areas of life fed and secured. Realize that there will be time for all those things you wish to commit to, but you need to get organized and think about them one at a time.

Too fast for your own good, by the end of the month you could find yourself in strange loops with paperwork and things that need to be glued, mended and fixed. This goes for your relationships as well, for the focus you put on your partner or someone you care for might be too strong, taking away your own personal freedom.



Feb 2019 - Horoscope:
In the 19th century, Great Britain used about 40% of their national budget to free all slaves. You have enjoyed the beginning of this year greatly, and feel like you have set yourself free with a large price that had to be paid. This could make you feel vulnerable, lower your immunity, and keep you preoccupied with debts to be repaid and remnants of work that should have been done a while ago.

Try to believe in the great intent of the Universe instead of pushing yourself too far, realizing that to be healthy and firm on your feet, you must go with the flow of time, adjusting your activities to still find reasonable amounts of time for family, rest, work, contemplation and your emotional world.



Feb 2019 - Horoscope:
You have had some time to things about future investments and possible financial difficulties that distanced you from your goals. Take things one step at a time, and don't rush to any conclusions when it comes to new plans and deals that are to be made with other people. Partnerships are possible. Gather all necessary information before putting yourself at risk.

Some of you might fall in love or start a relationship that will last for a long time, and others will fall in love with themselves, finally finding their true creative power. With enough focus on support systems that push you forwards, your emotional world, and your source of inspiration, you will create something beautiful and new that will become more and more important in your future.


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