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April 2019 Horoscope

Posted on 2 April 2019

Spring is here, see whats in store for you this month. 

April Horoscopes



You are ready to begin all over again, no matter what happened in the past. This is a moment when a new page will be turned, new relationships formed, and new things said to those around you, as your energy rises and you get ready to succeed. Some ideas weren't grounded for a reason. This is a good moment to think of something new to implement in your daily routine, and fight for on your mission to success.

Financial opportunities will open up in front of you, but you should be careful not to trust everyone who speaks highly of your possibilities. Stay rational and deflect all those options that seem shady or untrue in any way. Gather enough information to know where you need to go before diving in.



As an April Fool's Day joke in 2002, NASA revealed that the Moon has an expiration date and is entirely made of cheese. Make sure you don't believe everything you here these days, for true faith should be found within, inside your sensations and inner voices that constantly have something to share with you. Don't give up on this inner guidance seeking love only in the outer world.

Spirituality is awakened and with Venus in your first house, you feel the atmospheres around you and wish to flow with them, be beautiful, in love and inspired. Instead of thinking about things you lack, stay grateful and in love with things that are right by your side, and move with the flow to summon more beauty and joy into your everyday life.



The time of your Sun sign's ruler in Taurus has finally ended and April begins with a fresh energy and new projects coming your way in all areas of life. The past has been dealt with, debts were repaid, and the moment is right to take on new and fresh ideas and choices, so your batteries can refill and you can finally move on from issues that made you tired.

Spring will be felt, but your mind will become clearer only after the foggy leftovers are done with in the first couple of weeks of the month. You might expect miracles, but this shouldn't distance you from perfectly good opportunities on your way to the dreamland you wish to create for yourself and those you love.



What's done is done. There's no use in crying over spilled milk and this is the month when spring is about to kick in and your heart will allow you to move on, leaving the past in the past, where it belongs. You have done some right things along the way and learned from your mistakes. Don't be too hard on yourself over issues that kept you tied for a long time.

With Venus in Pisces, the first half of this month could bring exotic and exalting love stories into lives of Taurus representatives. Romance should be there at every corner, waiting for you to let go to the flow of it instead of questioning your faith due to trust you have lost with some different people and in different circumstances than those you are in right now.



A higher concern with spiritualism is reported by astronauts who returned from space. This is exactly what you will feel like, triggered by too many strange events and unexpected views of the bigger picture. Faith will be found as one process finally comes to its end, setting you free to try out something new and finally turn to a different energetic impulse that is to be used.

March wasn't exactly easy on you and your professional world, but you are about to leave all its shady issues behind and move on into new projects and endeavors. Your energy will rise and you will feel fit to determine the right course of action for your future, willing and ready to move where your gut feeling takes you.



You know what you're striving for, and the beginning of April is reserved for learning and expansion of horizons and knowledge. There is a lot more you wish to see, changing perspectives until you find one that gives meaning to past situations that held you tied for a while. Rushing to find inspiration and a bit more love in your world, you will be governed by the purest, tender ideal within.

This is a month when artistic expression might pay off, as well as all contact with music, singing and people who show their emotional core to the rest of the world. You have a chance to do something for the wellbeing of humankind and shouldn't miss it just because you are feeling too small to make a difference.



The beginning of April seems to be your chance for some grand endeavors and incredible things that will get done, but if you rush things that cannot be rushed, you could make someone angry along the way. Stop for a second to breathe in, gather your thoughts, and see how the reflection of the world speaks about your own intention and future judgment.

There is no reason to be aggressive. Use your energy wisely, focusing on your own wellbeing, while holding on to a positive attitude that won't put anyone else at risk. Boundaries are to be established, healthy and keeping your productivity intact under the influence of those who are less productive. Your energy is your own to use and manifest creatively in the world around you.



Wooden ladders are used by numerous fire departments because they don't conduct electricity, insulate against heat and only burn on the outside while the center of the wood remains solid for a while. Even though you thought certain solutions go against better judgment, they proved to be much better than you anticipated and pulled you out of some strange situations that needed to be resolved.

Things will get easier once Mercury leaves your seventh house and the sign of Pisces. Even though there will be shadows that are to be faced, you are about to regain the clarity of your mind, focus, and remember that your energy isn't supposed to serve others before you make yourself well. The right direction will serve your personal cleansing and positive growth, and all other things might come later on.



You are inspired to work and care for your health, the point where your body will thank you for the efforts and wish to make yourself a priority right now. This is a month when romance might be found at your workplace, and you will be reminded of the right way to approach your routine, spending more time with those you love in laughter and positive atmospheres.

You need all the happiness you can get. Too much distance from the feeling of home you wish to find with others could push you over the edge, make your psychological state shaky and lead to all sorts of toxic choices that aren't really necessary. What you need is faith and openness for frailty in all people around you, so you can connect and flow in a shared ocean.



Some conflicts led to strange endings that you didn't anticipate or didn't really want. Now would be the right moment to set free, but you are having a hard time letting go and anger could taint the image more than it should in the long run. Breathe in, breathe out, and find a way to get the excess of negativity out of your system. Start training, running, or kickboxing, or whatever processes your energetic flow.

April brings new romances in lives of some Scorpio representatives, but distant, not as touchable and close as you'd like them to be. Long-distance romances are possible, as well as strange turnouts that will pull you on a long journey to chase for love. Don't stand in your own way, but make sure your sense of financial security isn't entirely breached by new decisions.



The most expensive rent in the world is in the city of San Francisco. You might realize, upon discovering the price tag coming along with certain choices, that you really don't need them to begin with. You have changed your mind back and forth, created solid boundaries that you need to hold on to in weeks to come, and won't settle for less that working on the goal that will liberate you and give you wings to fly.

Freelance opportunities could bring incredible benefits your way. Make sure you are steady and stubborn on your chase for the right career venture, so you don't lose focus and scatter your energy on less productive matters or things that others will benefit from. Put yourself on top of your priority list this time around.



Your thoughts and words will be colored with some wonderful colors in weeks to come. Think about loved ones, presents you could give them to show gratitude and care, and offer more than you have been giving lately so the energy can find its way to circle through beauty again. You are to benefit from hard work and solid choices, but only if you care for your emotional world too.

Certain troubles seemed to be set in stone, but you should check on their status these days. A lot could change if you let your beliefs guide the way in a new direction, as your perspective changes and you realize how lucky you are that some things in life haven't turned out the way you wanted them to.


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